Hype isn’t limited to IT vendors: presenting my new Turbo Force High Velocity Circulator

I went to the store to purchase a small fan to blow nice cool air towards my desk. But when I got it home and took a closer look, it turns out that I had selected an HT-900 Turbo Force® Air Circulator Fan from Honeywell.

Honeywell, eh? They make jet engines and ammonium nitrate fertilizer which won’t blow up! Maybe there’s more to this fan than I realized.

Intruiged, I started to read the Owner’s Manual:

The Turbo Force® High Velocity Air Circulator Fans are aerodynamically designed to give you the versatility of changing this fan’s angular direction simply by adjusting the fan to ANY desired angular output (Fig.1).

I think that means: It tilts.

The introduction continues:

Upon using this fan, you will feel a strong and powerful air stream that will quickly move air in order to cool an area rapidly and efficiently.

Translation: Turn it on and it will blow air.

Suddenly all that vendor verbiage about how cloud computing will increase the synergies between your technology and business priorities sounds… well… not that bad. At least they’re not hyping something as simple as a desk fan.

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