how to install 64-bit rggobi on Mac OS X 10.5

I was surprised when everything seemed to “just work” when I made the jump to 64-bit R 2.11.1 a while back. “Surprised” because my previous attempt to join the 64-bit world under 2.10.x was a dead-end: the must-have RMySQL package didn’t like the 32-bit MySQL drivers, but Leopard’s 32-bit perl couldn’t deal with 64-bit drivers, etc., etc. Too much hassle for my new non-IT self to deal with.

So today I found the first thing which didn’t “just work” in the jump: the rggobi package.

Long story short, the trick is to install the rggobi package from source. Hadley Wickham (that guy is everywhere, isn’t he?) spells out the prerequisites and steps on the GGobi users Google group:

The only change you’ll need to make, if you’re still stuck in the 32/64-bit limbo of 10.5 like me is to make sure you build the package from the 64-bit version of R:

$ R64 CMD INSTALL ~/Downloads/rggobi_2.1.16.tar.gz

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